Graded & Listed Race Winners Trained by Gary Alexander

  Mount Laurel  Three Troikas (GR 3)  Turffontein 
   Chijmes Sea Cottage Stakes (L) Turffontein 
  Hero's Honour  S A Derby (GR 1)  Turffontein 
  Champange Haze Tommy Hotspur (GR 3)  Turffontein 
  Champagne Haze  Senor Santa Stakes (GR 2)  Turffontein 
  The Elmo Effect Drum Star Handicap (L) Turffontein
  The Elmo Effect Java Handicap (L)  Turffontein 
  Kangaroo Jack Joburg Spring Challenge (GR 2) Turffontein 
  Kangaroo Jack Spring Spree Stakes (GR 3)  Turffontein 
  Kangaroo Jack Post Merchants (GR 2) Greyville 
Champagne Haze Ready To Run cup Turffontein 
Classic Illusion  Flamboyant Stakes (GR 3)  Greyville
Classic Illusion  Yellowwood Handicap (GR 3)  Turffontein 
Blueridge Mountain (ARG) Majorca Stakes (GR 1)  Kenilworth
Blueridge Mountain (ARG)  Sceptre Stakes (GR 2)  Kenilworth 
Pierre Jourdan Charity Mile Nov (GR 2)  Turffontein
Arabian Mist The Merchants (GR 2) Turffontein
Pierre Jourdan Joburg Spring Challenge (GR 3) Turffontein
Pierre Jourdan SA Classic (GR 1) Turffontein
Pierre Jourdan SA Guineas (GR 2) Turffontein
Pierre Jourdan Tony Ruffel (GR 3) Turffontein
Arabian Mist Merchants Handicap (GR 2) Turffontein
Pierre Jourdan Ready To Run Cup Turffontein
Spring Garland Gerald Rosenberg (GR 2) Turffontein
Fenerbahce Sea Cottage Stakes (L) Turffontein
Spring Garland Acacia Handicap (GR 3) Turffontein
Bhekinkosi Java Handicap (Listed) Turffontein
Icy Air Gold Bracelet (GR 3) Greyville
James Jaguar Champions Cup (GR 1) Clairwood
Icy Air Sugar Mill 2200 (L) Greyville
James Jaguar Dingaans (GR 2) Turffontein
Icy Air Gold Circle Oaks (GR 2) Clairwood
Icy Air Woolavington Stakes (GR 2) Greyville
Icy Air SA Oaks (GR 2) Turffontein
Icy Air SA Fillies Classic (GR 2) Turffontein
Timber Trader (NZ) SA Derby (GR 1) Turffontein
Clifton King (NZ) Skeaping Trophy (GR 2) Turffontein
Azabu Park (Aus) Jacaranda handicap (GR 3) Gosforth Park
Clifton King (NZ) Senor Santa (L) Newmarket
Azabu Park (Aus) November Consolation (L) Gosforth Park
Crime Buster SA St Ledger (L) Newmarket
Silver Sliver SA Derby (GR 1) Turffontein
Drum Star Champions Stakes (GR 1) Turffontein
Lady Of The Turf (NZ) Gold Bowl (GR 2) Turffontein
Silver Sliver Tony Ruffel (L) Newmarket
Drum Star Horse Chestnut (GR 1) Turffontein
Ruby Clipper (NZ) Lebelo Handicap (GR 3) Gosforth Park
Ruby Clipper (NZ) Magnolia Handicap (GR 3) Newmarket
Elegant Al Premiers Handicap (GR 2) Turffontein
Brutal Force (NZ) Skeaping Trophy (GR 2) Turffontein
Ruby Clipper (NZ) Concor Sprint (GR 3) Turffontein
Elegant Al Nomad’s Handicap (L) Turffontein
Drum Star ACSA Handicap (GR 3) Turffontein
Drum Star Jubilee Handicap (GR 3) Gosforth Park
Ruby Clipper (NZ) Turf F&M Sprint (L) Turffontein
Ruby Clipper (NZ) Turf F&M Sprint (L) Turffontein
Ruby Clipper (NZ) 3yr old Fillies Sprint (L) Gosforth Park
Bamboogie Tibouchina Stakes (GR 3) Clairwood
Ruby Clipper (NZ) Alan Robertson (GR 1) Scottsville
Sporting Model Oaks Trial (GR 3) Newmarket
Burning Secret November Consolation (L) Gosforth Park
Final Claim Garden Province (GR 1) Greyville
Kazatzka Gerald Rosenberg (GR2) Newmarket
Tommy Hotspur Computaform Sprint (GR 1) Gosforth Park
Mosszao (AUS) Gold Bowl (GR 1) Turffontein
Tommy Hotspur Joseph Dorfman (L) Gosforth Park
Kazatzka Gerald Rosenberg (GR2) Newmarket
Imperious Sue SA Fillies Guineas (GR 2) Gosforth Park
Flying Promise Allen Snyman (GR 2) Gosforth Park
Flying Promise Gosforth Park 4yr old (L) Gosforth Park
Nordicus Owners Day Challenge (L) Turffontein
Mosszao (AUS) SAA Voyager F&M (L) Turffontein
Beryl Marquard Jack Patience Futurity (L) Vaal
Gay Surrender Swazi Howe Memorial Newmarket
Monsieur Music SA St Ledger (L) Newmarket
Faradeh Computaform Derby (GR 3) Newmarket
Splendid Gem Swazi Howe Memorial (L) Newmarket
Thousand Nights Jubilee Handicap (GR 3) Gosforth Park
Speaking Oak Joseph Dorfman (L) Vaal
  Jungle Messenger Christmas Day Handicap (L)  Turffontein 
Heartwood Founders Handicap (L) Gosforth Park
Sprinting Light (SNL) Founders Handicap (L) Gosforth Park
Sprinting Light (SNL) About Newmarket
Fiery Warrior SA Derby Trial (L) Newmarket
Kick The Habit Admin Stakes (GR 2) Turffontein
Naval Guest Champion Stakes (GR 2) Turffontein
Kick The Habit November Handicap (GR 2) Gosforth Park
Our Buddy OK Silver Bowl (L) Newmarket
Gay Tune George Azzie Memorial (L) Newmarket
Whispering TAB F&M Handicap (L) Vaal
Whispering Maurice Passmore (L) Newmarket
Ganymede Easter Handicap (L) Turffontein
Wallah TAB (OFS) Handicap (L) Vaal